End of Semester and a Refashion

Phew!  I’ve been a bit busy lately.  I’ve just finished all my exams for my first semester of nursing and I finally can do what’s really important – sew!

I’ve actually made a surprising amount in the last few weeks.  It turns out my form of procastination is now sewing.  A giant exam tomorrow that I think I might fail?  Sounds like a perfect time to whip up a(nother) Scout Tee!  Need a 10 minute study break?  Hmm, it’ll take at least 3 hours to refashion this men’s shirt – make that a 3 hour break.

You can imagine how much study I’ve gotten done.

But I digress.

Like a lot of people I’ve been following Miss P’s “The Refashioners” series and I was completely inspired by Tasha’s skirt-from-men’s-shirt refashion.  So I went down to my favourite op shop and started scouting through the men’s section.  (As a side note, I’ve found it very difficult to look for items to refashion at the op shop.  I find there’s always a sweet old lady volunteering who tells me nicely that I’m looking in the men’s section, or the plus-sized section.  And then it’s just awkward when I try to explain what I’m doing.)checkered-placket

Anyway, I found a nice XXL shirt for $2.50, took it home, washed it and hung it inside to dry (it was raining).  I’d picked a very similar shirt to the inspiration one (red plaid) and was pretty set to be a complete copy cat.

And despite all my intentions of following the great instructions Tasha posted, the longer it hung there, the more I saw it as a blouse.


So, one day in the heights of my procastination, I took out my Colette Sorbetto pattern and turned it into a top.

I’ve always really liked the look of buttons down the back of a blouse, a la Tilly’s Mathilde blouse or the Datura by Deer and Doe.  I’ve had vague plans of adding a placket and back buttons to the Sorbetto at one time or another, but never really got round to it.

But, here I had a premade placket, premade buttonholes (I’m yet to master the one-step buttonholes on my Bernina – really, you’d think it would be pretty easy, given that I barely have to do anything) and I even reused the existing hem.checkered-back

So here it is!


It’s a tad more sack-like than I would have liked – a drapier fabric would pr  obably be better.  But meh, I’m happy.  It looks good tucked in, which is how I wear most of my tops these days anyway.

My boyfriend told me it looks like I’m wearing a tablecloth.  It’s a testament to how much I like this blouse that I told him I look fabulous and not like a table.  🙂

I made an adjustment this time too – I added 3″ to the bottom.  My last Sorbetto was much too short for me to wear comfortably over shorts.  This one is a fraction long though, so I’ll probably just add 2″ next time.

Oh, and I still don’t particularly like the front pleat, so I skipped that again.

So, despite the fact that this is a hundred miles away from my original plans, I really do like it.  And I’ll probably end up doing the skirt refashion at some time or another – I still love the look of it!