The Cynthia Rowley Skirt

cynthia-rowley-skirtThis is one of those garments that I make, wear, like just fine, but somehow never get around to blogging.

Well, here it is!

This skirt is a Cynthia Rowley Simplicity pattern – S2215.  I was after a cute skirt pattern and this seemed to fit the bill.

Icynthia-manne-closet’s quite cute – the pleats are assymmetrical, which I kind of like, it’s a different design feature.  Not that you can see them with my fabric choice!

The fabric is from  It’s a Cynthia Rowley/Michael Miller print that I just loved the second I saw it.  I’ll admit, the main reason I chose the Cynthia Rowley pattern from my stash was because I was using Cynthia Rowley fabric.  I’m lame enough that the matching appealed to me.

I’m fairly certain I did all the pleats around the wrong way, not that it matters.  I also had some trouble putting in a pocket and invisible zip on the same seam line.  The instructions just didn’t work for me and I couldn’t figure it out myself.  In the end I gave up and took the pocket out.  It’s a bit of a mess on the inside, but at least it works from the outside.  Busy prints hide a multitude of sins!


This means I only have one pocket.  I don’t really put things in it, just my hands, which is weird because it makes me feel all lopsided only having one.  I feel strangely off-kilter.  I should probably just sew the remaining pocket up, but it’s unlikely I’ll ever get around to it.

It’s a fairly cute skirt.  I love the fabric, but I’m not quite sold on the pleats – I think they make me look a bit chunkier around the middle than I’d like.  Even though I wear this one, I won’t be making another.  I think I prefer gathering and circle skirts, so I’ll probably lean more towards those styles for full skirts in the future.  Plus, I sold this pattern when I moved house.

The Maths

Fabric: 1.5m at $10/m = $15

Pattern: $5 on sale

Pocket lining: scraps, free

Button: stash, free.

Total: $20