Sew Dolly Clacket – Emery Dress!


I was quite enthused when this sewalong popped up on my blog feed.  I’ve been trying hard to sew according to my style lately and Roisin is one of those bloggers with exactly my style.  She executes it a lot better than me, though.  I’m trying to work on that.

So, I went shopping for a suitable fabric.  I was hoping for pin-up girls, or maybe something Paris-themed, but my local fabric shops just weren’t forthcoming.


I did, however, find this little beauty.  Every now and then I get this funny feeling about fabric – I think it looks pretty average on the bolt, but I know it would look great as a dress.  I’d call this artistic vision or something, but this is admittedly the first time I’ve gotten it right.

This is the Emery dress in size 12 again, this time with the back neckline darts 1cm wider and the bust darts lowered 1cm.  The gaping at the back is a lot better, but the bust darts don’t look quite right.

I also omitted the pockets – I never use the ones on my first Emery, so it just didn’t seem worth the extra effort.

Also, and more noteably, I left off the sleeves.  I wasn’t entirely confident about this one, but both Roisin and Lauren had done it with no major issues, so I just went for it.  And it’s pretty good!


This was a super fast sew.  I haven’t been sewing much since uni went back – I prefer to sew in large blocks of time, which just isn’t feasible right now.  I’ve mainly been knitting instead, partly because I can do it while listening to my lecture online, but also because it requires less set up and equipment.  Knitting is always ready to pick up and put down.

Anyway, I’d scheduled myself a “Sanity Day”, with the main intention of sewing.  And this was my project.


I skipped the bow, collar and sleeves.  I used bias binding instead of lining the bodice.  This was a seriously fast sew.  It took all of 3 hours, from cutting out to wearing.  And I’ve barely taken it off since.

So, congrats Roisin and Nik – have a wonderful wedding!  And I can’t wait to see the wedding dress!

The First Charlotte Skirt

Ta Da!

Please welcome the lovely Charlotte Skirt from By Hand London!


I love this pattern!  I’d been planning to buy it at some point in the future… but then along came the sewalong so I had to have it NOW.  (Well played, girls, well played.)

It was the first indie pattern I’d bought and I know it’s been said before, but I love the packaging.  So much nicer than the Big 4.

So.  The skirt.

I measured 8 in the waist, 2 in the hips.  So I went the lazy way and just cut an 8.  I allegedly have an hourglass figure, but apparently not that much of an hourglass figure, because I had to remove a heap off the waist.  Not really surprising, as it was three sizes too big.

The fabric came from an antique furniture store around the corner from my flat.  They had a closing down sale and I found this in a box under the table for $2.  It’s a really heavy cotton, almost into upholstery weight, but not quite.

I went with the unadorned skirt, because while I love the pepulum and ruffle on other people, it’s really not me.  At all.  But I do like me a pencil skirt.  🙂  It’s definitely not a straight skirt – I love the curves in it and it’s super flattering.

skirt-frontI also skipped the lining, because on the Gold Coast it’s hot 90% of the time and a lining is just extra fabric, which is extra warmth.  And I didn’t want to go buy lining…

Anyway, I love it.  I have another two cut out and waiting to be put together.  But my list of half-finished projects is so incredibly long at the moment that it might take a while before I get there.


Yeah, I’m not exactly a natural in front of the camera (what on earth are you meant to do with your arms??)…  but this was the best one I got from the side.  I like how it makes me look quite thin.  🙂

Next time I’ll make the split at the back a little longer – it’s still a fraction too tight.  General walking is fine, but uphill slopes are…challenging.

I did have a little giggle during my fitting process.  I live in an itty-bitty granny flat, with no full length mirror, except for a really long one above the washing machine.  So in order to check the fit I had to climb onto a chair in the middle of my kitchen/laundry/bathroom.  Except that is really difficult in an unhemmed, tight pencil skirt, so I had a sort of jump thing going where I’d hold myself off the ground using the kitchen bench and swing my legs up.  Yeah, it was pretty awesome.  And I still ripped it once.  🙁

The construction isn’t perfect.  I completely butchered the split (Mitered corners?  What mitered corners?) and I need to reposition the snap above the zip.  But I’m still very pleased with this skirt and can’t wait to make my next two.  🙂

This picture just made me laugh and highlighted the problems with having your 6’4″ boyfriend take a picture.  Please note I am 5’5″, not 2′ as this picture seems to suggest…  I had anticipated that his pictures would be better than the ones I took with the self-timer.  But the angle here is… not ideal.