Pink Floral Maxi Anna

My latest Anna from By Hand London!

This is actually my first successful iteration of the maxi skirt – my first was a total disaster!


I tried out bias tape on the V-neck, which worked… semi-okay.  I’m keen to try it again, actually.  I used a bright pink contrast bias, because why the heck not!  I also used a bright pink invisible zipper.  I’ll admit this was mostly because it was the only one I had on hand that was long enough.


The one slightly unexpected issue was the shoulders.  The pattern doesn’t call for stay-stitching the V-neck – I thought that was a bit weird at the time, but was feeling lazy so didn’t add it.  And, of course, the neckline stretched out a whole bunch.

I used a lovely drapey rayon challis too, which is probably (? I think?) more prone to stretching out and losing its shape than the super-stable quilting cotton I tend to favour.  It’s more of an off-the-shoulder dress now.  I don’t really mind though.  It ended up a bit more dressy than expected, so it sort of works.  I definitely need to start stay-stitching!


Also – have you seen By Hand London’s new Flora dress?  It’s just gorgeous!  I almost had a heart attack when Lauren and Sonja’s versions popped up in my Bloglovin’ feed.  I’ve been stalking their Australian stockists, but noone seems to have it yet and I’m too cheap to spring for $12 postage from the UK.  Maybe if the Aussies don’t get it soon I will have just suck it up.  She will be mine!

The Maths

Fabric – $6.98/m x 2.5m = $17.45 (from

Invisible zipper – $4.99

Bias binding – $3.49

Total: $25.93 – Not too shabby!