It’s another Emery dress!

I’m pretty much a one trick pony by this point.


I did things slightly differently this time – I combined the pretty shape of the Emery dress with the frankly gorgeous neckline of the Mae blouse from Bluegingerdoll.emermae-back

It wasn’t an exact, focused, patternmaking endeavour – I just sat the Mae facing piece on top of the Emery front bodice piece, lined it up so it more or less worked and cut it out.

And I’m so pleased with how it turned out!


This is my entry into the Sewing Indie MonthPattern Hacking category.

Bluegingerdoll Mae

I feel so pretty in this top!


It’s the Mae blouse from Bluegingerdoll patterns and -gah!  It’s so pretty.  I was originally drawn to this pattern because, duh, scalloped neckline.  It was kind of a no brainer.  It sat around for a while and then… I made it up with this pretty cotton I bought at Spotlight.front-weird

I used these lovely black and gold buttons – Hannah from Made With Hugs and Kisses sent them to me during the Spring Sewing Swap.  I love how they look with the fabric, but they’re probably a tad heavy for my light fabric.  Oops.

back-insideI just managed to squeeze this out of 1m of fabric.  It was pretty tight.  The sleeve facings are in a contrast cotton.  And technically, I cut the back pieces upside down.  I’d forgotten that the print is directional – there are little bunnies dotted over the place.  Oh well.  I figure if I didn’t see them when I was cutting out, it’s unlikely anyone would ever notice.  At least I did it at the back, not the front.

sleeve-adjustOnce I’d made it up, I decided I wasn’t happy with the kimono sleeves.  They were a bit poofy for my taste and I felt like I had a lot of my underarm exposed.  So I stitched some of the armhole up, facing and all.  It’s not perfect, but it’s fine.


The Maths

Fabric: $10 from Spotlight

Buttons: free – thanks Hannah!

Contrast fabric: free, stash scraps