Colette Sorbetto Top

I  have a serious lack of neutral tops in my wardrobe.  It’s a little sad – all these lovely skirts and no decent tops to wear them with.  Boring as it is, basic tops are on my sewing horizon.

I’d seen the Colette Sorbetto floating around blog-land, but never really been that excited by it.  A bit boring.  And I don’t especially like how it looks in prints.


This sounds terrible, but then I realised it was a free download.  Much as I want to make basic tops, I haven’t really found a pattern I particularly love.  But the Sorbetto in white became an intruiging thought.  The plan was to go to Spotlight, get some boring plain white cotton and make it up super quickly.  This plan was quickly foiled when I realised that it was 40% off all fabric.  I ended up with some lovely cream embroidered cotton for the same price as my plain stuff would have cost.  The embroidered cotton was a little bit see through, so I got some cream cotton as well, to underline it with.

I made a straight size 8 and it fits pretty well.

This is a super simple, straightforward top, but it took a little longer as it was my first go underlining anything and also my first time using french seams.

Both techniques were much easier than expected, but it all adds time, I guess.

I do like the end result.  It’s pretty shapeless and much too short (I’d add about 3 inches if I made it again), but I mainly plan to wear it under high waisted skirts/pants, so it doesn’t matter too much.  The underlining made it quite thick and a little stiffer than is probably ideal, but at least you can’t see through it.  It might be nice to make in a darker colour that you can’t see through so easily, to keep it a little lighter.

A very nice top pattern and one I’ll probably make again – maybe in black or red.