White Miette


This is my completed White Miette cardigan – once again the Miette cardigan pattern from the ever fabulous Andi Satterlund.

It was amazing to see how much I’ve learned since my first “proper” knitting project – my blue Miette cardigan.  I spent so many hours the first time around just staring at the pattern, trying to figure out how on earth this was going to turn into a cardigan.  This time, I just knit it up, nice and easy without straining my brain too much at all.  Excitement at my skills:white-miette-excited

It was encouraging to see how much I’ve learned!

This is a lovely cardigan to wear – it’s a gorgeous silk alpaca blend that I just want to rub my face in all day.  Plus, the colour goes with pretty much every dress I own.  Winning!

I added one extra repeat at the bottom of the body – adding about an extra 2″.  I like the slightly longer length better than my first version.

I did have one minor hiccough though.

When I knit, I highlight the pattern as I go instead of crossing things out.  I find it easier when the pattern makes me go back and knit bits I’ve already done once before.

Unfortunately, this means there’s a highlighter in my knitting bag.

Unfortunately, this highlighter became uncapped and left a big green splotch on the back of my cardigan.  white-miette-back

You can sort of see it.  Don’t judge me.

Frogging it back would have involved undoing most of the cardigan.  I had no interest in that, so I tried to get it out.  I gave up when the yarn began felting.

I kind of just decided that it’s not too bad and I can live with it.

Lesson learned.  No more highlighters in my knitting bag, especially with light coloured yarn!white-miette-buttoned-front