The Waves Pullover

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I loved this sweater the moment I saw it!  It’s the A Cropped Sweater For Winter from Andi Satterlund, available through Tuts+.waves-pullover

I’ve been saving it to knit while listening to uni lectures, since its mainly stockinette.  But I wasn’t expecting it to knit up so quickly.  This only took me about two and a half weeks.  My last knit took about two and a half months…

The yarn is Brown Sheep Fleece cotton in wolverine and duck egg blue.  The wolverine was left over from my first Miette and I bought the duck egg blue from The Stash Cupboard, a gorgeous little yarn store in Hobart while I was down there in February.

This pattern was really excellent, beautifully laid out with heaps of pictures and the written instructions set out with oodles of white space.  It’s just a simple pullover, but prints out to 15 pages.

I think it would be a good beginner pattern (if that beginner was willing to tackle short-rows and colour work), as the pages are much less daunting than the usual densely packed knitting pattern.  I find them quite intimidating, still!

I had hoped to get at least elbow length sleeves, but I ran out of my wolverine yarn.  I considered just knitting the rest of the length in the contrast, but was worried about the balance of colour – I thought it might be a bit weird.

You might also notice that I messed up my scallops.  This was a complete accident.  But when I realised what I’d done a few rows later, I found I quite liked it.  They look like waves – especially appropriate given the colour scheme and where I live.

So waves they remain!waves-pullover-full

The only problem with this pullover is that it doesn’t go with any of my clothing.  I clearly didn’t think this through very well…  I think next time I go fabric shopping I’ll take this with me and be sure to pick something that matches!  Maybe it would look better worn as a T-shirt with a skirt?  Anyway, my Hungry Caterpillar Anna was the best I could do – and clearly the combination still looks ridiculous.  As you might guess, this hasn’t gotten a whole lot of wear since I finished it.

Details: 8ply yarn, 5mm needles,size M.

White Miette Beginnings

This was the very first article of clothing I knit.  I don’t tend to count it though, as I never actually looked at the pattern, just followed the verbal instructions Gran gave me.  It’s a beautiful alpaca-silk blend, so it’s super soft.  The knitting is also surprisingly well done, given my gumbie level of skill at the time.


But, it’s just not my style.  I’ve left it vegetating in my wardrobe for about five years and haven’t worn it once.  Which is a shame, really.

I’ve had vague plans over the last few years about frogging it and making something new.  I have the vest, plus a 50g ball and a half of the yarn.  I decided I’d like to make another Miette cardigan.  Now, it’s been so long since I knit the vest that I really don’t remember how many balls of yarn I used.  But holding it up next to my blue Miette, it looks like I’ll probably have enough.  The Miette is cropped, where this vest isn’t, plus I have my extra ball and a half.  I think I’ll knit the sleeves simultaneously and maybe have them a little shorter than the pattern intended, if I must.

miette-collageI went through and frogged the vest yesterday.  I planned to put a movie on, pull apart the vest (which would surely only take 20 minutes or so) and then spend the rest of the movie knitting.  Um.  No.  It took me the entire movie, and then I still wasn’t done frogging.  I was, however, cursing my woven in ends.  Why did I do that so well?  I had to rewatch a couple of my favourite scenes before I was done.  Crazy!

Anyway!  I’m about halfway through the yoke and it’s going much more smoothly.  Except for the time I realised I was doing yarn overs wrong, so had to rip out all the lace around the neck, which I’d just finished.  It was good though, because it really wasn’t looking much like lace.

I really love knitting – I miss it when I don’t have a project on the go!