OAL: Chuck

Alrighty!  Here we have my knitted piece for the Outfit Along.

The idea of the Outfit Along is that you sew and knit two pieces that go together.  I’m using the official sewalong pattern for the dress (Simplicity 1803) and was planing to make the knit pattern, the Myrna cardigan.

But… it’s winter here.  So after buying the pattern, I decided that maybe I should knit something more weather appropriate.  I’m cold most of the time at this time of year, because I have so few clothes suitable for winter, so it seemed a bit silly to knit a light cotton cardigan.

I’ve been eyeing off the Chuck Sweater, also from Andi Satterlund, for a couple of years now, so that became the knit to go with my pretty dress.chuck-frontI had a whole bunch of red wool yarn stashed from my first attempt at knitting an actual item of clothing a few years ago.  I changed my mind about the whole garment, so it’s just been sitting in my wardrobe for ages.  Time to finally use some of that stash!

I knit the size M with 8ply yarn and 5mm needles.

It turns out I'm pretty terrible at sitting on fences.

It turns out I’m pretty terrible at sitting on fences.

This knit up insanely fast.

Two main reasons for this:

1.  I’d put aside my Peacock eyes cardigan in 4ply yarn and 3.5mm needles in order to knit Chuck by the OAL due date.  Tiny yarn, tiny stitches – it’s  a project that is taking forever.  By comparison, I flew through Chuck.

2.  My family had just gotten the final season of How I Met Your Mother and binge watched it over 2 1/2 days.  And I knit the whole time.  Lots was done in those few days!

Confession: I made two mistakes in the front panel, resulting in some columns being too wide.  You can’t tell.  Or maybe you can now I’ve mentioned it.  Eh.  Whatever.back-chuck

I also wanted it a few inches longer, but because I prefer that length over full skirted dresses.  I measured it against other knits and it still turned out shorter than I’d hoped.  Live and learn!

Stay tuned for the rest of the outfit – spoiler: it contains a ludicrous novelty print.  Hurrah!

White Miette


This is my completed White Miette cardigan – once again the Miette cardigan pattern from the ever fabulous Andi Satterlund.

It was amazing to see how much I’ve learned since my first “proper” knitting project – my blue Miette cardigan.  I spent so many hours the first time around just staring at the pattern, trying to figure out how on earth this was going to turn into a cardigan.  This time, I just knit it up, nice and easy without straining my brain too much at all.  Excitement at my skills:white-miette-excited

It was encouraging to see how much I’ve learned!

This is a lovely cardigan to wear – it’s a gorgeous silk alpaca blend that I just want to rub my face in all day.  Plus, the colour goes with pretty much every dress I own.  Winning!

I added one extra repeat at the bottom of the body – adding about an extra 2″.  I like the slightly longer length better than my first version.

I did have one minor hiccough though.

When I knit, I highlight the pattern as I go instead of crossing things out.  I find it easier when the pattern makes me go back and knit bits I’ve already done once before.

Unfortunately, this means there’s a highlighter in my knitting bag.

Unfortunately, this highlighter became uncapped and left a big green splotch on the back of my cardigan.  white-miette-back

You can sort of see it.  Don’t judge me.

Frogging it back would have involved undoing most of the cardigan.  I had no interest in that, so I tried to get it out.  I gave up when the yarn began felting.

I kind of just decided that it’s not too bad and I can live with it.

Lesson learned.  No more highlighters in my knitting bag, especially with light coloured yarn!white-miette-buttoned-front