Perfect in Imperfection

I lived in Hobart, Tasmania until I was 6 years old and my family moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland.

We go back to visit every few years and I absolutely love it.  I have a real soft spot for anything old.  Australia doesn’t really do old buildings as such, a couple of hundred years is the best you get.  But on the Gold Coast most houses are post – 1970s.  My suburb was mainly built in the last 20 years.  Australia doesn’t do old much, but Elanora doesn’t do old at all.  It’s all about rendering in fashionable shades of yellow and tall, metal fences.

So every time I’m back in Hobart, I love looking at the older houses.  It’s just a totally different style and I absolutely love it.  It turns out I’m a sucker for imperfections – I love overgrown gardens and peeling paint.adorable-yellow

So here, for your viewing pleasure (or maybe just mine, I’m not quite sure) – cute houses!

Battery Point is a suburb right near the middle of town in Hobart – there’s a real concentration of beautiful houses and it’s a lovely place for a walk.







white-walls-blue-roofHappy weekend!


Hairy Tales

As I spoke about last post, I’ve been following Sarai’s Wardrobe Architect posts.

After I finished the 2nd worksheet and creating a style board on Pinterest, I came to the conclusion that my hair really doesn’t work with my overall look.

I used to have quite long hair – halfway down my back.


In 2011 I took part in World’s Greatest Shave – basically people sponsor you to shave your head, with all the money going to the Leukaemia Foundation.


I really liked not having hair.  It took approximately 32 seconds to dry after a shower and it was so much cooler in hot weather.

The annoying part was being constantly mistaken for a boy.

The best example was when I went to Bali for a cousins wedding.  A couple of nights before the actual wedding we went for a big dinner in Kuta with pretty much everyone there for the wedding.  I was walking along the road to the restaurant with my dad and brother.  I had a number 3 haircut, wearing heels and a maxi dress.  It being Bali, people were trying to sell us stuff as we walked. One man decided that I looked like I wanted to buy something, so he chased me down the street shouting “Lady boy, lady boy!!”.


My brother and I, shortly after the lady boy incident.

Not too embarrassing or anything.

Anyway, my hair grew back (so… slowly…) until it was just below my shoulders.  I had a growing out fringe and just…hair.  Not style, no inspiration for style.

There’s another factor – my primary mode of transport is a scooter.  Seriously, it’s ridiculous.

I’d put my hair up in the morning, put helmet on, take helmet off, redo hair.  Repeat that 2-10x per day and I really couldn’t be bothered keeping my hair style respectable.

I’d had on-and-off ideas about getting a pixie cut for about 6 months.  Then I did the Wardrobe Architect Pinterest style board and I came to the conclusion that my hair just didn’t suit the style I was going for.  It’s hard to look polished and ladylike when your hair looks like a birds nest that’s been forced into a pony tail.

So I cut it.  It looks respectable no matter how many times a day I wear my helmet.


And I love it short!  It takes so little effort and I feel all chic!