This was a very quick sew in a very busy time of the uni semester!

I found this fabric, once again, at the op shop for $5.  I measured it very roughly (1 pace = 1 metre) and I think there was about 8m there.  Not too shabby!


I’ve been wanting a jersey dress, but didn’t want to fork out for a pattern.  Then I remembered that I had the Built By Wendy book, Sew U Home Stretch.

I made the basic dress pattern with long sleeves, since I’d been a bit cold that day – it actually turned out pretty well!


The size was pretty spot on (my fabric doesn’t have a lot of stretch) and it sewed up super easily.

I love the long sleeves, but the puffed sleeve caps aren’t really my thing.  To be fair, I knew this beforehand, but couldn’t be bothered adjusting it.


I’m also not really sure it’s the most flattering style on me – it definitely brings unwanted attention to my belly.  I think a fuller skirt might have worked better for this – I like the bodice just fine.  Probably the vertically striped waistband was a mistake, too.  It worked better in my head.

stripe-overloadThe stripes were quite overwhelming, with the below-the-knee skirt and long sleeves.  It was a little bit horrific!  I had a good giggle, then pulled the skirt up in the mirror until it was at a length that worked better with the proportions.  It’s much shorter than what I usually like, but also much more wearable.  Definitely needs tights underneath or my paranoia reaches epic proportions!

I do like this dress.

It’s probably a bit unfair to point out all the problems with it when I really think of it as a wearable muslin.  Plenty good for a first go and I wear it a lot – win!

Plus, I really need to sew more knit dresses!  So quick to sew, easier to fit, easy to wear.  Perfect.

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