Yes, Another Emery

Yes, yet another Emery dress!


I actually finished this dress a few months ago, but put off blogging it because all my recent posts at the time were Emeries too.  What can I say – during uni I like instant gratification projects that don’t require too much thought.


I have virtually nothing to say about this dress that I haven’t said on previous versions.

  • I like the fabric.
  • It was fast to make, since I’m lazy and skipped the sleeves, lining and pockets.
  • It was going to be my Sew Dolly Clackett entry, but I was too slow.  Fail.

Iemery-front-pink have to admit, although it makes for some seriously dull blog posts, I love making multiples.  I really enjoy the sewing process – tracing and muslining, not so much.  So when I have a pattern with none of that required, I really can’t resist.

I also have a fairly basic style – I like fitted bodices with full skirts.  So it can be hard to justify buying a new pattern – if they’re too similar, it’s not worth the money, if it’s too different chances are I don’t like it.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut – but I don’t mind my sewing rut!  I love wearing the clothes I make, even if I already have half a dozen of the same pattern.  Sewing is my hobby and I do what makes me happy.

Having said that, I’m getting to the point where I think I’ve probably made enough dresses.  Moving on to other things to sew – like bras!


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