The Waves Pullover

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I loved this sweater the moment I saw it!  It’s the A Cropped Sweater For Winter from Andi Satterlund, available through Tuts+.waves-pullover

I’ve been saving it to knit while listening to uni lectures, since its mainly stockinette.  But I wasn’t expecting it to knit up so quickly.  This only took me about two and a half weeks.  My last knit took about two and a half months…

The yarn is Brown Sheep Fleece cotton in wolverine and duck egg blue.  The wolverine was left over from my first Miette and I bought the duck egg blue from The Stash Cupboard, a gorgeous little yarn store in Hobart while I was down there in February.

This pattern was really excellent, beautifully laid out with heaps of pictures and the written instructions set out with oodles of white space.  It’s just a simple pullover, but prints out to 15 pages.

I think it would be a good beginner pattern (if that beginner was willing to tackle short-rows and colour work), as the pages are much less daunting than the usual densely packed knitting pattern.  I find them quite intimidating, still!

I had hoped to get at least elbow length sleeves, but I ran out of my wolverine yarn.  I considered just knitting the rest of the length in the contrast, but was worried about the balance of colour – I thought it might be a bit weird.

You might also notice that I messed up my scallops.  This was a complete accident.  But when I realised what I’d done a few rows later, I found I quite liked it.  They look like waves – especially appropriate given the colour scheme and where I live.

So waves they remain!waves-pullover-full

The only problem with this pullover is that it doesn’t go with any of my clothing.  I clearly didn’t think this through very well…  I think next time I go fabric shopping I’ll take this with me and be sure to pick something that matches!  Maybe it would look better worn as a T-shirt with a skirt?  Anyway, my Hungry Caterpillar Anna was the best I could do – and clearly the combination still looks ridiculous.  As you might guess, this hasn’t gotten a whole lot of wear since I finished it.

Details: 8ply yarn, 5mm needles,size M.

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