Bouquet Emery

My second Emery dress!



In all honestly, construction-wise, this dress was a breeze!


I sewed it all up in little teeny bursts around study and then one day – I had a dress!

This is a straight size 12.  I think it fits reasonably well.  There are a couple of little issues I’ll adjust for next time, but this is great!

The fabric was a random clearance fabric I added to my basket on at the last minute.

I liked it on my computer screen, but I absolutely loved it when I got my mitts on it.  Hence it maturing in my stash for two years…


I absolutely adore the colour, but now it’s made up into a dress, I’ve sort of realised that I prefer wearing smaller scale prints.  It doesn’t stop me from loving this dress and I’ve been wearing it heaps, but it’s something I’ll keep in mind in the future.

Also, longish-sleeves = instant class.  I really don’t know why I haven’t had dresses with sleeves like this before.  Love!





2 thoughts on “Bouquet Emery

    • Thanks Meg! It almost verged on becoming “too precious to sew with fabric”. Which is kind of silly, considering it was a $4/m impulse buy.

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