Wardrobe Architect Musings

Like everyone else, I’ve been following Sarai’s Wardrobe Architect posts with great interest.

Seriously, what an amazing resource.

I’ve completely changed my sewing plans for this year – but it’s good.

I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, which has a real beach culture.  The “uniform” of girls my age is short denim shorts, blouse/singlet.  Skirts/shorts either reveal butt cheeks or are an inch away from doing so.  Any dresses are the same length.  In winter, shorts are swapped for skinny jeans.  Noone ever wears anything that sits on the waist.

Anything more than this is considered “dressed up”.


By contrast, my 5 core-style adjectives from week 2 were:

  • classic
  • floral
  • feminine
  • elegant
  • ladylike.

I like dresses with fitted bodices and full skirts.  I won’t wear a skirt that’s more than an inch or two above my knee.  I feel ridiculous in shorts, pants or anything that sits on my hips or doesn’t define my waist.  I don’t even like skirts much.  I like necklines that have a reasonable amount of coverage and I feel naked in a strapless dress or spaghetti straps.

Since I’ve started sewing, I’ve made a lot of things because that’s what I’m supposed to do.

I started the year off trying to decide on a shorts pattern, because everyone’s always blogging about “tackling trousers”.  I forgot that I don’t actually like wearing shorts.

I’ve made knit tops because I needed something to go with the patterned skirts I never wanted to wear.

not-meI know these are perfectly nice clothes, but they just don’t feel like me.  Tasha from By Gum, By Golly!  wrote about this same dilemma the other day – much more coherently than me!

Doing the Wardrobe Architect exercises, I finally worked out what I like to wear (check out my Pinterest Board if you’re interested in exactly what this looks like).

Using Polyvore I made my silhouettes and, uh, wow.


They’re pretty much all exactly the same.

I like dresses with fitted bodices and full skirts.  I’ll add a fitted, cropped cardigan or blazer and tights in winter, but pretty much all 4 silhouettes are identical.

I’ve made so much stuff, but I still only have a small selection of clothes I reach for on a regular basis – and those are the items that fit these silhouettes.

This year, I want to build a solid selection of clothing that fits within these parameters – I want to actually wear the types of clothes I love to wear on a daily basis.

I mainly sew these sorts of dresses in wovens, but I’m really keen to try some out in knit fabrics as well.  Closely fitted, woven dresses aren’t always hugely practical, but the same sort of thing in a knit is a lot more comfortable and wearable.  I want to look classy and feel like I’m wearing pyjamas!

So that’s my goal – make clothes that I love to wear.

Wish me luck!

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