Flippy Pink Elisalex

This was a super fast, easy make.


I loved my Brown Summery Elisalex.  I wanted another.

I had a light floral cotton voile stashed from plans to make a breezy summer dress three months ago.  I’d planned a Burda pattern – even PAID for it.  Then I went changed my mind about it.  Flip!pink-back-steps

Anyway, an Elisalex it was destined to be!  I sewed this up side by side with another, soon to be blogged, Elisalex.  This made the process both faster and more tedious (and therefore slower).  As efficient as it is, I’ve found that I really don’t enjoy sewing multiple identical items simultaneously.  It just doesn’t work for me.

pink-elisalex-detailsI’ll admit, I wasn’t hugely inspired by this project.  I wanted more summer dresses for this brutal weather we’d been having (not really hot, but SO MUGGY).  I’m not really sure about the fabric print anymore.  I mainly bought it because it was the most acceptable print of any of Spotlight’s voiles at the time.


Eh.  Anyway, it’s made, it’s practical, I like it and I’ll wear it.

That’s all you need, surely!

The Maths

Dress zip – $1.79

Fabric – 2m at $14.99/m = $30

Bias tape – $3.49

Total: $35.30

Plus $6 on a pattern I’ll probably never use…

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