Marion Cardigan

I’m so excited to have finished my Marion Cardigan!

I knit this up using an 8ply wool-alpaca blend and 6mm needles.  Despite my swatches turning out absolutely perfectly on gauge, the cardigan is too big.  I found it really hard to figure out my size – is it for my actual bust measurement or the finished bust measurement?  Is negative ease included?  So I suspect that’s where I went wrong.marion-front-pool

I made a couple of changes when knitting the sleeves.  The pattern has you knit a decrease row, knit another 10 or so rows, then repeat about 5 times.  The pattern is for 3/4 sleeves – in order to get them the right length, I had to omit 3 repeats of the 10 knit rows, I just did the decreases.  Lucky too, or the sleeves would have been much longer than full length!

If we don’t talk about the size, I’m actually quite happy with it.  I learned heaps – it was my first time with cables.  There are, of course, a few mistakes, but I’m the only one who will ever notice them, so I figure it’s all good.  If we include my sizing problems… I’m not sure I’ll actually wear this.  I’m considering frogging it and re-knitting it in a smaller size.  I can’t quite handle committing to that process right now, though!marion-buttoning

The cuffs have cute little cables on them, which unfortunately aren’t so cute on my version!  The cable pattern is written with right sides and wrong sides, but as I was knitting in the round on double pointed needles, I was only working the right side.  Needless to say, I forgot all about this until halfway through my second cuff.  So every second row of my cable is the wrong way round.  Woops!  I made the executive decision not to go back and fix it.  This was partially because I couldn’t be bothered, but also because I don’t know how to undo a bind off and get the stitches back on the needles.  It was Christmas day and it just didn’t seem worth the effort of learning how, then unpicking all those stitches.  I hate unpicking on double pointed needles.

One new thing I did try this time around is bamboo double pointed needles.  My wrists have been pretty dodgy since I worked at Coles (a supermarket) on checkouts.  I have a bit of RSI after four and a half years of picking stuff up and twisting it in front of the scanner.  Knitting has been okay, but every now and then my wrists play up and I have to take a break.  What’s the relevance of bamboo needles?  They’re significantly lighter than their metal counterparts (my previous favourites).  My wristiness has been less of a problem since I started using the bamboo dpns.  I’m always a bit paranoid I’m going to snap them, but they’re sturdier than I realised.  Plus, in the grand scheme of things, they’re not actually that expensive, so I can probably just suck up the $9 if that does happen.  I’m really keen now for a set of wood/bamboo interchangeable needles from KnitPro.  My birthday is coming up – maybe I should drop a few hints?marion-grimace

I actually find knitting sleeves on double pointed needles unbearably tedious, even with bamboo needles, so after I’d finished Marion, I decided to learn the magic loop method.  It worked quite well actually, thanks to YouTube!  I started knitting the sock pattern at the back of my knitting reference book, but ended up frogging it because I couldn’t understand the pattern.  What kind of beginners book includes patterns, but doesn’t have all the abbreviations explained somewhere in the book?!  Gah!

I have a couple of projects planned.  I’m super duper keen for a pale pink cardigan.  I was leaning towards Hetty, but I’ve started wondering about the Peacock Eyes cardigan, cropping the length.  I’d also like to try the Andi Satterlund pattern, A Cropped Sweater for Winter – it looks perfect for knitting while listening to lectures.  It’s basic and easily knit, but also really cute with the scallops and colour-blocking!

So much to knit, so little time!

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