A Summery Brown Elisalex

This dress was heaps of fun to make!

brown-elisalex-front-live I saw the fabric on the quilting fabric clearance table for $8/m while picking out buttons for my Marion Cardigan.  I resisted, then went back for it a week later.  It’s not an impulse buy if you can’t get it out of your head!  It’s… uh… research.brown-elisalex-back-liveI’d already muslined the bodice for my Got Your Back Dress, so I made it straight up, without fiddling with the fit at all.  It was super quick – for the first time ever for me, I sewed smart.  I pinned all the seams I could at once, sewed them all, then ran them through the overlocker one after the other.  It was so much faster!brown-elisalex-inside-backI have no idea how it happened, given the perfect length of my first Elisalex, but the skirt was way, way too long.  I took 9 1/2″ off the skirt to get it just above the knee.  This was a shame really.  I’d been really keen to do the short sleeves, but didn’t have enough fabric.  If only I’d take the excess off at the start, I would have had plenty of room.

Oh well.  I added lace to the inside hem (given to me by the lovely Hannah), which more than makes up for the lack of sleeves.brown-elisalex-inside-hemThe fit is actually a bit looser than I was aiming for – it’s a little big through the bust and waist.  I was a bit disappointed at first, before I realised it was actually my perfect dress – light fabric, loose, breezy fit, still looking put together.  So I’m actually really happy with it for summer – I’ll make a couple more this size, I think, then put some time into getting the more fitted look.  The weather is warming up and I’m in dire need of summer clothes.  I didn’t bother lining it, so it’s even cooler.

It was quite an enjoyable, relaxing sew.  I’d had a bit of a crap day, not feeling well, so it as nice to just get home and sew through a nice easy pattern I didn’t need to adjust.

brown-elisalex-inside-shoulderI went speedy too – I skipped the lining, bias bound the raw edges.  I also overlocked my seams.

I started cutting at 5pm, sewed til 9pm then finished it off in the morning between 6 and 7am.  Not bad – especially considering I only bought the fabric that afternoon, prewashed it, ironed it dry and then started cutting out.

I’m a sucker for a quick sew!


The Maths

Fabric: 2m for $8/m = $16

Thread: stash

Bias tape: stash

Lace hem: from Hannah in the Spring Sewing Swap

Zip: $3

Total: $19

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