Kirsten Kimono Tees

I made these two simple tees during my first nursing placement, when I just couldn’t handle doing anything too strenuous after my shift.  kirsten-black

I’m not sure, though, why I chose to sew a knit top, given my appalling history with knits.

Anyway, I tried out the Kirsten Kimono Tee pattern from Maria Denmark.  I know they aren’t super exciting… but I’m super excited because they’re the first knit tees I’ve made that have been wearable!  Woot!

The necklines don’t sit right, but I’m more inclined to blame the boatneck for that – it’s okay when I pull it out to my shoulders, but it’s always pulling back in and bunching up at the front.   You can see in the pictures it’s a little wavy.  My next top will be a regular neck, so we’ll see how that goes.kirsten-stipey-front

Also, my stripes more or less match!  Not perfect, but not bad for my first stripe matching attempt.kirsten-stripey-back

The Maths

Striped poly-cotton from Spotlight $9.99

Organic cotton jersey from Gold Coast Sewing Classes $6

So,$6 for one, $9.99 for the other.  Not bad!black-kirsten-hello

Also, I find this photo hilarious.  Hellooo!

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