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I moved recently – from a single garage (converted into a granny flat) to a 3 bedroom townhouse that I share with one other person. Seriously, the difference is sensational. The house has windows (natural light! Airflow! How I missed you!). Also, the bathroom is in a different room to the kitchen. Oh, the luxury!

Seriously, this is my new living room.  This is amazing.


And this is my old place.  The toilet was in the kitchen.  Just sayin’.


The move did involve a fair bit of downsizing – I’ve got just one bedroom in which to stash my stuff, so it’s a bit tight! I threw away/gave away a heap of stuff. I sold too-small shoes, old textbooks, even sewing patterns I was never going to use. I tried really hard just to keep the things I really wanted. I did fairly well! All my kitchen/homey things are packed in boxes in my mum and dad’s garage – not to mention the vast majority of my books.
Fortunately, I share the study with my housemate, so I don’t have to have a study desk set up in my room. Hurrah – this makes room for a permanent sewing set up. Really, I’m starting to consider this essential. It’s fabulous!

My machine is out – with overlocker close by for when it’s required. I finally found a thread rack in Australia, after drooling over them on everyone’s blogs, and my trusty pink desk is on duty.

I had originally stored my fabric in tubs under the bed, but I pulled it all out a few nights ago (again, while procrastinating studying for my exam the next morning), rearranged some books and stacked my larger pieces (read: large enough to make a whole garment from) of fabric into my cubby holes/bookshelf.

I really like being able to see it!

I made my Summer Madras tote the other day, pulled out my main fabric, then found the perfect complementary lining, just because I could see it so easily.

I’ve also pulled my pretty, indie patterns out and stacked them on the bookshelf too. They’re too pretty to keep in a big plastic bin!
It’s definitely a work in progress, but I’m really happy with how my sewing space is at the moment!

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    • Tell me about it! Since taking these pictures, I’ve completely trashed the place, with so many in-progress projects. I have no idea why I thought making Christmas gifts was a good idea!

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