Noodlehead Summer Madras Tote

It’s official – this is the perfect tote bag!

It’s the Summer Madras Tote from Noodlehead, and it’s just what I’ve been looking for!summer-tote

I’ve been perpetually short on tote bags for ages – I’m always looking for one in my cupboard but it just didn’t exist. I stumbled across Noodlehead ages ago and bookmarked the Super Tote (gah – it’s perfect! I need to make it soon!). I was innocently browsing the other day when I was meant the be… ahem.. studying and stumbled across the Summer Madras tote tutorial. It looked cute and functional and it was free (Bonus! I’m broke).

I actually rearranged a whole heap of my sewing things the other day, so I have lots of fabric out nice and visible. It reminded me of this cotton drill I’d acquired from Spotlight ages ago. I’d bought 1m with no specific purpose in mind – I just loved the design so much I had to have some. I had vague plans of making a cushion cover, but really, I think it always wanted to be a bag. I grabbed some red organic cotton (originally from and used to underline my lacy Meringue skirt) and it matched pretty well.

I found the instructions a little confusing in places and I made a few dumb mistakes when I wasn’t paying attention, but this came together very quickly.

And now it’s perfection! I’ve used it a ton and I only finished it two days ago.summer-madras-noodlehead

In fact, I haven’t yet washed out the fabric marker I used to mark the front centre seam – there’s a strange yellow spot that doesn’t quite belong. Note to self: wash it before I take pictures.  (Update: It didn’t wash out. GAH! It always washes out.) It’s a much needed pop of colour (the bag, not the marker) after years of using a faded old black tote and it’s a much better size too. Big, without being too large. Super handy and quick to make – I think there’ll be more of these in my future! Mum’s already requested I make one for my grandma for Christmas.

The Maths

Outer fabric – bought ages ago… maybe $10?

Lining – remnants, so free.

Bias – stash, free

Interfacing – $5

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