Makin’ a Blazer

One of my sewing goals for this year was to sew a blazer.  Nothing too fancy, just a basic blazer.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be good enough, but figured that if I messed it up at least I’d learn something!

Well, I’ve started, but it’s looking like it’s going to be a bit of a mission!  And it’s only the first muslin (and I haven’t even adjusted it yet), but I’m already too emotionally invested to accept failure.  MUST.  MAKE.  AWESOME.  BLAZER.

Ages ago, I bought the Craftsy class “The Couture Dress” with Susan Kahlje.  I didn’t particularly like the dress pattern it came with (not to mention I never actually received it…).  I watched a few of the classes anyway, but then decided to use the techniques for my blazer.

I chose Simplicity 2446, mainly because I like the picture and it was on special for $5.  🙂


So, at this point, I’ve just finished the muslin.  It’s a bit skewiff, because it’s supposed to be fully lined and I’ve just folded/pinned up alot of the excess at the seams.


Susan has you cut out enormous seam allowances, to make fitting easier.  I discovered that this also makes sewing the muslin together exceptionally difficult.  I cut off a good few inches for the sleeve before I could wrangle it into the armhole.  It’s not perfect, but it’s okay.

I tried it on and it’s a fraction tight through the back and armhole.  I’m yet to actually make the adjustments.

I’m actually quite enjoying the slower process!  I’ve just come out of assignments at uni, straight into my first practical placement and I’m now studying frantically for final exams.  I haven’t been sewing much, but it’s nice to have something to pick up and do for a little bit, rather than getting sucked into the mentality of “I might finish it TODAY!  Don’t get your hopes up Laura, do it slowly and properly.  BUT I COULD FINISH IT TODAY!!!”  *speed sews for the next 5 hours*.

I’ve got a really nice black silk-cotton blend for the outer and a Liberty print for the lining, so I really want to make this well and do my lovely fabrics justice!

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