The White Anna of Doom

Well, you can’t win them all.

I had big plans for my first Anna Dress from By Hand London.

I was planning a white maxi dress, thinking it would be really nice in summer.  I could pair heaps of bright accessories with it and wouldn’t it be great!?!

So I bought 2.5m of white seersucker.  Really nice fabric, I had no trouble with construction.  It fit me pretty well first try.

Unfortunately, it looked appalling.



Problem A: you can see straight through it, and that’s in no way flattering.

Problem B: I look like I’m getting married.

I was still really hoping it was salvagable, so I took it down to my mum’s.  We established pretty quickly that nope, I can’t wear it.  I then tried to pass it off onto her.  It fit well and the white actually suited her better.  But she was worried about the wedding dress effect, so she wore it downstairs to where my dad and brothers were to see if they’d say anything.  She didn’t even get down the stairs before my brother asked who she was marrying.

So she didn’t want it either.

I tried dying it black, but it turned out a weird, musky purple.  Which is fine, but hugely unflattering to me.  I could have dyed it again to try and get the black happening a bit more, but to be honest, I was over it.

Oh well.  We need to have some wadders every now and then.  And thinking back, I haven’ t had many.

I guess I was due.  🙂

2 thoughts on “The White Anna of Doom

  1. Thanks Zoe! The purple really isn’t too bad, it’s just not “me” and I know it would just collect dust in my wardrobe. I absolutely love the other Anna’s I’ve made, so I don’t mind treating this one as a muslin. I certainly learned a lot!

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