I cracked.  I made The Bombshell Swimsuit from Closet Case Files about 3 months earlier than planned.

Kyle and I spent last Sunday lazing around down by the beach, me knitting, him studying.  It was really great, until it got so hot we wanted to go for a swim.  I’d forgotten my bathers.  And even if I had remembered them, I hated wearing them anyway.  As in, they made me feel very unattractive, rather than I prefer to not wear anything at all…


So when I got home I ordered my fabric from Remnant Warehouse and got to work assembling my pattern.

I’ve got to say, I really hate PDF patterns.  I’ll always go the printed version if it’s available.  But when it’s a great style by a new company, well, you can’t turn that down just because you have to use a whole roll of sticky tape.

My fabric arrived a couple of days later, but I still assumed it would take me at least a fortnight to make up.  It’s stretch fabric, I’ve never made bathers before and I don’t have an overlocker (well, I do, but I accidentally unthreaded it and can’t rethread it until my mum comes and shows me how).  I was planning to spend about 3 hours on it on Wednesday night, then keep going in little spurts until it was done.


Excuse my face.  I was looking into the sun and there’s water on the camera.  Right over my face.  Nice.

So, three hours later I’d almost finished the entire suit.  Not even kidding.  I spent another hour adding the straps and doing the last few steps and then much to my surprise I had a fabulous pair of bathers that actually FIT!  So excited.


When I showed my boyfriend, he described it as “sexy”.  Heather, you are amazing.  I mean, it’s a one piece.  I’ve always associated one pieces with frumpiness.  No longer!


Admittedly, the insides are a bit of a trainwreck, because I had no idea how to finish them, or make them… less trainwreck-y.  Problem of sewing for so long: I really didn’t care.  But it’s all good.  Noone see’s the insides.

Bonus video!

Run, Bombshell, Run!

Yes, that’s how I run.  Yes, I ran a whole marathon looking that stupid.

The Maths

And it only cost me about $40 which I am so pleased with!

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