Aussie Battler Skirt


A few months ago I made a denim Kelly Skirt from Megan Nielsen’s pattern.  Much as I loved it, it was that fraction tight.  I thought it would be okay, but it’s really not.  Then, just to prove the point, the snap I’d added to the waistband popped off.  Yeah.

It’s not really worth salvaging.  The denim was cheap and already looking a bit sad after being washed so often and it just doesn’t seem worth the effort.

The wardrobe hole it filled was emptied again.  I missed my skirt.


I thought about making another, also in denim, just a bit bigger.  But the denim was a bit traumatic the first time, trying to get it through my machine and what I’ve heard from blogland is that it’s not easy to find decent denim.

So I picked up some navy “linen” from East Coast Fabrics and got to work.  I should probably add that if this IS linen, it’s probably got a fair bit of polyester or something in there.  I got it from the linen section, the staff member said it was linen… but I didn’t get a crease during the entire construction process.  Even when trying to iron a crease IN.  But it was only $6/m…


I went for the “faux denim” look, in that I top stitched kelly-skirt-linen-buttonseverything with gold top stitching thread, the sort you usually only see on jeans.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out!

I used these buttons, also from East Coast Fabrics.  It was only $1 per card of six.  I quite liked the colour of the buttons and was planning on sewing them in upside down, so you couldn’t see they had “Aussie Battler” written on them.  But when I got them home I decided that no one would see them anyway (unless I took a close up picture and posted it on the internet….) and sewed them in right way round.  They kind of crack me up.  It’s like my little bogan secret.



Of course my pocket lining had to be in contrast fabric.

Also, check out my insides!  My mum got her 20 year old overlocker fixed and this was the first actual garment I used it on.  And yes, I was too excited to go down to the shop and buy black/navy thread.  It’s fine.

And I added a tag again to make me feel all professional and stuff.

I made a size L this time, rather than the M around the waist.  It’s a bit big.  I’m thinking I’ll keep wearing it for a while and maybe take in the side seams a little bit.  Better too big than too small, as I proved with the last one.

It will be a good staple, I think!



The Maths

Megan Nielsen tag – $1

Pocket lining – stash

Top stitching thread – $4

Navy thread – $8

Buttons – $2

Fabric – $6/m x 1.8m = $10.80

TOTAL = $25.80

Not bad considering I bought a decade’s supply of navy thread and I already owned the tag and top stitching thread.

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