Miette Goes Grey

grey-miette-2Further to my recent quest to make more cake, I decided to make another Miette Skirt, this time in something neutral.

Well, you can’t get much more neutral (or, erm, boring…) than grey.

Yep!  I went to East Coast Fabrics (my new favourite shop), resisted all the pretty florals (a small personal miracle) and came out with this boring, solid grey.

I have no idea what type of fabric it is.  East Coast is insanely cheap and I guess the price you pay for that is that only about a quarter of stock is labelled with fibre content.  Which I actually find surprisingly annoying.  If I had to guess, I’d say this is a poly/cotton blend.  But hey, I’ve been wrong before!

I don’t have a huge amount to say about this skirt.  It’s grey.  I still love the pattern, but this skirt is boring.  I wanted a boring skirt to go with all my pretty tops, but I’m still not that excited by it. It’s made.  I wear it a lot.  I guess this is a success.

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