The Refashioned Monstrosity of Colour

I saw this in the op shop for about $2 and really, just couldn’t leave it there.


I mean, sure, some might say it’s frightfully ugly (actually, the cashier did, when I bought it), but look at those COLOURS!  You may be able to tell that I liked the fabric.  Sure, it’s ghastly.  But in an awesome kind of way.

So I made it mine, and we went home.

I hacked out the shoulder pads, cut off the jersey waist, took in the side seams, hacked off the sleeves and was left with this…


This was an awkward progress shot as I tried to figure out how to get rid of the flaps of excess fabric under my arms.  It’s super obvious on the left.

Well, this may seem obvious, but the moment when I went “OMG, DARTS!”  was probably one of the bigger epiphanies of my sewing career so far.  I figured something out!  Woohoo!

I added the darts, but by this point the shirt was so short that it was pretty much unwearable (for me… I don’t do the belly thing).  So I took a cue from the original garment and added a jersey band.  It kind of looks like a maternity top when I wear it without it tucked in.  But it’s kind of cute tucked in, don’t you think?


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