The Liberty Scout Tee

I’ve just finished my lastest Scout Tee   in my lovely Liberty fabric.liberty-scout-front-3

New favourite top? Yes, I think so.


Shall we have a look at the fabric?

It has bicycles, toads, elephants, shovels, watering cans and all sorts of other awesomeness on there.liberty-scout-close-neck

I added a little tag at the back neck – it’s just doubled over bias tape, but it means I can always figure out which is the front and which is the back.  A random little tip I picked up from Didyoumakethat’s Pyjama Party a year or so ago.  I do this for most things now, except sometimes I use this dodgy tape/ribbon stuff with “Handmade” written on it in various tacky fonts. It’s handy!

I must say, I really am in love with this pattern.  I don’t have much to say about it anymore, it’s all been said on my previous versions!liberty-scout-front-4

It’s so lovely and silky in this fabric.  I wish I were rich.  All my clothes would be Liberty from now on.

I’ve found that you can squeeze it out of 1m of 115cm fabric, if you skip the self-bias and just use pre-made.  Much as I love the look of self-bias, it’s not really worth buying extra fabric, especially from somewhere like, where you have to order by the half yard.  Speaking of which, I’m not 100% positive you could get it out of one yard of 45″ fabric.  It was tight on my 1m and 1 yard is about 10cm shorter…

I posted this one on Kollabora also, as part of the Scout Sewalong hosted by Sewn Brooklyn.liberty-glamour-shot


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