The Scout Tee(s)

Lately, I’ve been taken over by the idea of making a whole bunch of cake, as in, the boring clothes that go with everything as opposed to the pretty party dresses I can’t wear everyday.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not buying new clothes in 2013 and some of my plain stretch tops have pretty much packed it in.scout-cow

And while I am going to replace them (during my holidays which start in a few days.. it hasn’t happened quite yet!), it’s definitely changed what I look for in a sewing pattern.

I’d seen the Scout Tee from Grainline Studios before, but never been particularly interested by it.  I mean, I had birdie dresses with full circle skirts to sew.  I didn’t have time for T-shirts!  But then I started thinking about cake and well, it was looking much more interesting.  I was also spurred on by the Scout Tee Sew Along over at Kollabora.

So I bought it (only $7 Australian, so I was pretty happy with that!), printed it off at uni and got stuck into it!

scout-adjustmentsI made it up first of all in this fabric.  It’s a cotton sateen and heavier than the pattern calls for.  I’d bought this right back when I first started sewing, but have since realised that it’s not my style at all.  So muslin fabric it became!

It’s not perfect for the pattern, but it gave me enough of an idea to drastically alter the side seams and get the type of fit I prefer.

I wore it out once.  My boyfriend Kyle told me I look like a cow.  Personally, the pattern (of the fabric…) reminds me more of an old lady’s lounge suite, but either way it’s not a particularly good look.

Then I was at Spotlight, scoping out their range of swimwear fabric (repulsive), because I, like everyone else in the online sewing world, am planning to make up the Bombshell swimsuit.  I couldn’t handle the lycra, but I stumbled upon this pretty red cotton voile.

I snapped up 1m (I forgot that it needed more than that…) for $9.99, took it home, prewashed it.  I tried to let it line dry, but got impatient after a couple of hours, ironed it dry and then made my 2nd Scout.  I managed to lengthen it by 3cm and use the self-bias on the neckline.  I’m getting much better at efficient fabric use! scout-red-close

I like this one MUCH more than the last.

I was planning my next Scout to be in my lovely new Liberty, but I made a skirt first and then got all bummed because I had no plain tops to wear with it.  I’d bought some “Oxford shirting fabric” from a while back, having no idea what it actually was.  When I got it, it wasn’t at all what I expected and I didn’t actually like the feel of it very much.  So I shoved it in the back of the cupboard for a while.

Until yesterday, when I randomly decided it would make a great Scout tee and whipped it up in a couple of hours.  (Also, what a difference an overlocker makes!  Mum just got her old one fixed and I am loving it!)

And surprisingly, the fabric actually works quite nicely as a t-shirt.  It would look really good over jeans, I think, but I don’t have any of those, so it’ll have to be happy with being tucked in.

I took it out this morning to take pictures and realised it had a food stain on it.  So, no pictures.  Everyone knows what a white tee looks like anyways.

scout-liberty-harry-potterI’ve cut out my fourth and final (well…for now, anyway) Scout from my Liberty, so that should be done in time to enter the giveaway on Kollabora.

Also, cutting out becomes a lot less tedious when you do it in front of Harry Potter 7.  🙂  Although it took me about 45 minutes because I kept being distracted by the awesomeness on-screen.

The Maths:

Red Voile Scout

$10 red cotton voile from Spotlight

$6 red Guetermann thread

White Scout

$13 white Oxford cotton shirting from

Bias binding from stash

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