You Can’t Go Wrong with a Bird Dress

Oh, I love, love, love this dress!


It’s my second Butterick 5748 and easily my favourite self-made item.  Ever.birdie-bodice-detail

I didn’t have any real plan for this dress – I knew I wanted to make another one, but was pretty open as far as fabric went.  Then I saw this dress by Dolly Clackett and kind of fell in love with the fabric.  Conveniently, she’d posted a link and then it was MINE!  I mean, look at those birdies!birdie-front-manne

As a side note, it was my first foray into  It’s awesome!  So, so cheap and pretty good stuff too.  The postage was about $20 to Australia, but it still worked out cheaper than what I’d expected to pay all up for the fabric.  So I’m happy!  Also, getting fabric in the mail is really enjoyable.

Anyway, the dress.  I fiddled around with the bust darts a bit and made the seam allowance a fraction bigger.  My last version was a teeny bit loose and I prefer my dresses quite fitted.

I spent ages making sure I wouldn’t chop any of the birds in half on the skirt, but ended up chopping up a total of 4 in the bodice – mainly where it attaches to the skirt.  So that was a little bit of a fail.  Live and learn!birdie-live-back

I probably won’t make anymore for now – it eats up 4m of fabric – unless I manage to attach a gathered skirt successfully.  4m makes for a fairly pricey dress!


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