The Kelly Skirt

Introducing my Kelly Skirt from Megan Nielsen!

I think it’s love – this skirt is fantastic.



I mean look at it.

For the first time ever, I decided I wanted the insides of this to be perfect – usually they end up a bit slap happy.

Anyway, this turned out just how I wanted.


Birdies!  Left over from my Bird version of my Mad Men dress.


I’m not sure why, but the idea of a tag in the back really appealed to me.  Megan Nielsen sells them for a dollar each, so in it went.



The only thing I don’t like about this skirt is it’s a fraction too tight.  When (not if) I make it again, I might go up a size, just to make it something that I can breathe and eat in.  😛  It’s not quite enough of a problem in this one to unpick the waistband, decrease the size of the pleats, make a new, larger waistband, redo the buttonholes (they were a NIGHTMARE) etc, etc.

It’s still a fab skirt and I’ve worn it a few times since I finished it – but next time it will be a comfort skirt!


Oh, also I found it gaped a lot where the waistband meets the skirt, where there’s quite a large gap between buttons (and no, it wasn’t my belly – even sucking in majorly it just wouldn’t sit nicely).  It looked AWFUL, so  I sewed in a large snap, and now it sits perfectly.  🙂

The Maths

Denim fabric: 1.5 yards at $7.68/y = $11.52

Metal buttons: $3.76

Pocket facing: stash

Bias tape: $3

Kelly Skirt pattern: $18

Label: $1

Total: $37.28

Yup, and this is why I use patterns more than once.  🙂  It cost almost half the project!

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