Me Made May 2013 – Days 1-11

So here we are – and my goodness are there some shockers!

I think I’m going to have to present the pictures and then the lessons learned…  Oh dear.

2 May


I love this picture – I’ll have to take more outside when the weather is nice.  🙂

Miette Skirt; Thrifted red light jumper.

4 May


I love this dress so much!  Yet to blog it though and this is the most terrible picture my boyfriend has yet taken.  Sadly, I was a bit embarrassed, so did the old “One’s enough, I’m sure it’s fine”.  No, it is most definitely not fine.  Love the dress, the jumper doesn’t match.  At all.  But I was really cold.

5 May


My blue Mad Men dress and the jumper.

6 May


This dress is a bit “meh”.  It was the first thing I made that I was really happy with – but it still isn’t really my style.

9 May



Key difference – better weather makes shapeless black jumper unnecessary.

I forgot to include refashioned items in my Me Made pledge, so I guess this doesn’t really count.  But I love it anyway.

This dress had a repulsive neck frill when I  bought it and also some danglies that hung down from the neck.  But now they have been vanquished, I really love it.  The leather boots are an op shop find – my size, real leather, completely lovely, $25.  Happiness!

May 11


This is one of my favourites for the 11 days – I like how the blouse looks with the skirt.  Sadly, I spend most of the day wearing the same big black jumper – I took it off for the picture and froze.

The lessons

One: The main thing I’ve learnt with Me Made May this month is that I have no jumpers that look any good with any of my me-made clothes.  I don’t think me-made will change this – I just need to go op-shopping, I reckon.  I’d love to be one of those people that just knits up a jumper in a fortnight, but really, 2 years is closer to the mark.

I think if it were Me Made February/March, I’d be faring a lot better.

It’s a problem with living somewhere so warm – it never seems worth buying winter clothes, because I don’t wear them enough.  And then winter comes and it’s cold and it becomes a choice between looking good and being cold and being warm and looking stupid.

Two:  Part of my challenge here was the photography side – and while there are a couple of pictures in here I’m happy with, the majority suck.  So, need to work on that!

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