The Miette Skirt

Tilly released her second pattern, the Miette Skirt, on Monday.  I bought my fabric Tuesday.  I started sewing this Wednesday night and finished it Thursday morning.  This is really unlike me.  I usually procrastinate a project for a while.  I tend to get distracted somewhere between the fabric and the sewing.  But not this time!  Well, not much.


I have a week off uni for Easter and one of my big plans is always to spend a day just sewing.  So I did.  It was glorious. I sewed up a Colette Sorbetto in the morning.  Then I transferred my toile adjustments to the pattern and made up my Butterick 5748.  And it was only 7pm.  I’d been sewing since 9am.  What better time to start a new project!

Yeah, I know.  I’m lucky I ended up with a skirt.  And didn’t cut out a finger instead of the pattern.  Anyway.

When I first saw this pattern, I had an OMG THAT’S AWESOME moment and clicked “Buy”.  Immediately after I’d printed it off, I started having doubts.  “Is this really my style?”  etc. etc.

But I’d paid for it, so I HAD to make it.

For some reason, I had it in my head that it would look fabulous in black with big white polkadots.  And for the first time ever, the Spotlight Gods were listening.

I found this beauty – rayon (I never knew rayon felt so lovely and silky!  I love it) and exactly what I’d had in mind.  This never happens to me.

Oh, and it was 40% off all fabric.  So it was only $9.00 a metre.  Yep, they were definitely listening.

I made it up.  The instructions were great.  Tilly is a genius.  I had a little trouble with constructing the pockets, but this was really a result of it being 10pm by this stage + preconceived ideas about how they would be done.  Clearly, I was wrong.  And needed to go to bed.

Even while I was making it up, I wasn’t sold on it.  Still wasn’t sure if it was my kind of thing.  And then I tried it on.

The sun shone down and the birds started singing.  I became very, very glad I impulse purchased this pattern before my brain logicked me out of it.


This skirt is fantastic.  This skirt is more “me” than anything else I own.  This skirt is the best thing I have ever sewn.

I mean, LOOK at it.

And I was clearly right.  It does look fabulous in black with big white polkadots.

Awkward wave when I got caught making my brother take my picture on the front lawn...

Awkward wave to my boyfriend’s sister when I got caught making my brother take my picture on the front lawn…

I will be making another immediately, of course.  I’m thinking in a bright, block colour.  Maybe red.  Maybe without the pockets.

Although I do now also need to make myself a couple of plain tops so I actually have something to wear it with.

Also, my mum arrived home from Japan this morning and she’d bought me these from my favourite shoe shop in Harajuku:


Love!  (The shoes and my mum.)

For my own amusement:

Polkadot rayon fabric: 2.5m x $8.99/m = $22.48

Miette Skirt Pattern: $10.21

So $32.48

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