I’m not quite sure why, but I decided I wanted to make some undies.

The first pattern I tried was Madalynne’s Amerson undies.  They’re so cute.

These clearly have the potential to be fantastically awesome.

It wasn’t quite as successful as I’d hoped.  I couldn’t figure out which were the centre front/back seams, so I did it wrong the first time.  In french seams, no less.


It also turned out my elastic was complete rubbish.  Oh, and I folded in the crotch area too far, so they’re completely unwearable.  I feel uncomfortable just looking at them.

This pains me to see.

Ouch.  Really.

Not to say the rubbish-ness of my attempt extends to the pattern.  I still think it’s great and I’m still definitely going to make another pair at least, but I’ll get decent elastic and go easy on the folding into the crotch.  They’re so cute, and I have heaps of woven fabric scraps that would be perfect.

So then I tried So Zo’s undies pattern.

I chopped up my work Christmas t-shirt.

Surprisingly, less awful than most of the other Christmas shirts I've had to wear at work.


I found it super easy to put together.  The instructions were only for an overlocker (well, there’s a link to regular machine instructions, but I didn’t bother), so I just made up the construction process as I went a lot.  The Amerson pants had pretty much been my practice run, so it was easy to put them together.  Also, they’re only knickers.  It’s pretty easy to figure out.



Anyway, I’d never sewn with stretch fabric before, so I did a few test runs on a scrap.  The triple stitch and three-step zigzag both worked perfectly (are these actually stretch stitches?  I have no idea), so I used the triple stitch for the seams and the three-step zigzag for attaching the elastic.

I’ve heard rumours that this sort of fabric doesn’t fray, so I didn’t finish my seams.  I’m curious to see how it goes after a few washes and if it frays and self-destructs, well, lesson learned.

And they fit great too!  I was somewhere between an 8 and 10 on the sizing chart, but went up to a 12, as recommended for t-shirt fabric.

I bought some better elastic for this pair and they’re really wearable!  Win!

If they hold up okay in the wash, I’m going to production line a whole stack of them.

Okay, the insides aren't as neat as they could have been.  But I don't care.  :)

Okay, the insides aren’t as neat as they could have been. But I don’t care. 🙂


Now to have another crack at the Amerson’s, because, let’s be honest, they’re more fun than the regular kind!

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