New Year, New Plans

It’s a new year (well, it was when I first wrote this…), so some new year’s resolutions/plans are in order I think.

I love my pink desk so much, I have convinced myself everyone is insanely jealous of it. They're not.

I love my pink desk so much, I have convinced myself everyone is insanely jealous of it.
They’re not.

1.  I’m going to start blogging about my sewing.  Whether I actually work up the guts to press “Publish” rather than “Save Draft”, we shall see.

2. Specific sewing goals:

  • I want to sew a little black dress. A little bit fancy, certainly not everyday wear.
  • Knit a cardigan/jumper – I found a good looking one on ravelry.
  • Sew a basic blazer. It is well beyond my ability level, but I figure if it bombs I’ll still probably learn a lot.
  • Learn to install a zipper properly. Maybe just get an invisible zipper and some spare fabric and practice. (Done!  Thank you By Hand London tutorial!)
  • Start figuring out how much each me-made item costs me. Doesn’t matter too much, but would be interesting.

3. Garments to sew

• Blazer

Charlotte skirt (with sew-a-long) from By Hand London (Done!)

• Liberty sundress

• Black taffeta Colette Truffle dress

• Colette Pastille dress

A plain white blouse

• One pair knickers – probably the Amerson pattern from Madalynne.  Or So Zo’s undie pattern.  Actually probably both. (Done!)

• Silky nightie

• Half slip (Done!)

Crinoline  (I bought one instead…)

Passport dress (Done, not blogged.  Don’t really like it and the one I do like disintergrated in the wash…)

Colette Sencha blouse


• Knit two cardigans

4. Sewing techniques to learn

• Buttonholes

• Lapped zippers

• Finishing bias tape (Done!)

• Invisible zippers (Done!)

• Facings (Done!)

• Sew taffeta (Eh… that poly rubbish didn’t really count…)

• Make adjustments to a muslin so it actually fits

• Insert hook and eye

• Quilting on sewing machine.


Let the sewing commence!

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