PJ Bottoms Galore!

This is another of my earliest projects – PJ pants!

I had an old favourite pair of PJ bottoms that were just perfect, but sadly completely disintegrating.  So I unpicked the seams, used the fabric to trace a pattern and then used Didyoumakethat’s Pyjama Party Sewalong to figure out how to construct them.  My old PJs had 4 pieces and it took quite a bit of fiddling to work out how the crotch went together.  Yep, I’m that talented.  And it was also really handy for things like elastic casing.  I am a beginner after all.  How lame.

So, I made not one, but two pairs.


I found this first fabric when I was looking for apron fabric, but sadly it clashed horribly with every other fabric in existence (the apron had a contrast section), so it was laid aside with much regret.  But I loved it so much and couldn’t stop thinking about it (is this normal?) that I went back the next day and got some to make PJ pants.  I wasn’t quite as sold on it this time, but sort of just figured that they’re pyjamas, it doesn’t matter if they’re hideous.

And I kind of think they are a little.  But that’s okay.yellowpjs

Also, it’s not possible to be sensible when taking your own photo in your pyjamas.

This next pair were made from the same “pattern” using a random floral cotton I found on the clearance rack for $2/m.  I didn’t like it much, but figured the floral pattern was sleepwear-appropriate.  And oddly enough I now like them considerably better than the first pair.

But I also needed a winter pair.  flannel-pjsThis fabric was from a flannel sheet I bought from the op shop for about $6.  It’s quite nice and I used so little of it I have enough left for another three pairs.  Although I am considering making a dressing gown with this pattern that I found at the op shop for 50c.  I originally thought it was a dressing gown, but it turns out it’s just a shapeless pastel jacket.  I sort of figured that if I have to look that closely, it doesn’t matter.dressing-gown-patternBack to the pants.  I used Simplicity 9871, the easiest pattern in the universe.  I got it during a Spotlight 50% off sale, so it was only $3.50 or so.  And really, with only one pattern piece, I find that quite reasonable.  simplicity9871  There’s nothing like PJ pants to make you feel like a sewing genius.  😉

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