The Big One – Nothing New in 2013

My biggest goal: I’m not going to buy any new clothes in 2013.  For the whole 12 months.  This is kind of crazy, given what a newbie I am to both sewing and op shopping, so we’ll see how it goes.

I sort of figure that I have all the clothes I NEED – it just comes down to what I want.  First world problems – I’ll get over it if this idea bombs and I can’t buy anything.  What I already own is just fine.  Plus, I think I’ll learn a lot. 😉

The rules:

Socks, undies, bras, swimmers and running gear don’t count.  Neither do shoes. (I know I could make/op shop my own running gear. I am fully aware of this.  But I want to run a marathon in July.  And let’s face it, that’s going to be hard enough without adding challenges like not being able to buy exactly what I want.  I’m mainly thinking of chaffing and breathability here.)

• I must sew/refashion a minimum of one garment per month.

• I must take photos of everything. Particularly before and after pictures of refashions.

Well, here goes nothing.

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